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Passy Perfume is currently in it's first year of being a start up by founder Farrah Abraham, many of you may know her from the original series of MTV'S 16&Preganant and MTV's Teen Mom Television shows. Farrah Abraham wants to bring Passy Perfume to families’ worldwide. The story and details of how Passy Perfume was made is all included in Farrah and her daughter Sophia's book that was released December 2012, entitled "Passy Perfume". Farrah was receiving heat from critics who had been watching her parenting and Sophia her ever famous daughter grow up and noticed one uncontrollable bad habit "the pacifier" and so Farrah knew more then anyone the bad affects it was having on her daughter, increasing tantrums, poor teeth structure, and listening issues. Farrah wanted her daughter to understand the bad side affects as much as she did. Farrah then watched Sophia and what she was most fond of, surprisingly Farrah saw Sophia being captivated by perfume bottles and her pacifier. Farrah gathered from these couple weeks it was time to create a story for her to share with Sophia so she would let her pacifier go, the answer the "Passy Perfume book"! Surely, after Farrah listened to Sophia and her thoughts about her taking away her pacifier, and her thoughts and feelings surrounding this transitions, Farrah sourced an illustrator to put all of their thoughts into pictures and finalizing the soon to be true story of how Passy Perfume exists.

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