Passy Perfume

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Honestly, I wasn't sure I would like this book, but I like Farrah and decided to give it a try. My child never had a pacifier problem, but I felt that the book addressed the issue of getting a child to give something up that they are attached to in a good way! The pages were colorful and, even if your child can't relate to the story itself, they are sure to love the bright pages!


This book is brillant! great for kids and grown-ups alike :) Farrah is great and i would love to read her book 'my teenage dream ended' very soon too! a great idea and a great book! would recommend it to anyone!!


Ok - The story is short which is meant to keep a little one's attention as a parent reads it to their child....Thats a good thing!!!
The illustrations are "happy" and "bright" which is to give any child a good feeling!!...That's a good thing!!
Yes it teaches the "reward for doing what your parent asks you to do".... if you think about it - All of us experince this process, let it be as a child , at school, or on the motives us and most of us are taught this way. Yes its an acceptable method...thats a good thing!
Ok its a story about a "girl"....but it can be told to a boy....just subsitute the "Passy Perfume" with the what your son would like to have and is reasonable... a toy car or etc.


What a great book! Very colorful and has a great message!!! You really have a gift, Farrah! 


I recently downloaded Passy Perfume on my kindle and found it very helpful on getting my neice (my sister lives with me) off her pacifier.  She no longer feels the need to use it anymore and says she's a big girl now. Also the illustrations and pages were colorful just the way she likes. Good job on both of your successful books, I can't wait for more.


Passy Perfume is a fun book, I don't have a child of my own, but my niece really enjoyed it. She will be getting off her passy soon, so we are going to use your book to help! :)


Loved the book!! And my two year old like it too. Very good for young children


I absolutely LOVE "Passy Perfume"!! It was SO cute!


Hi Farrah just wanted to say that you are my role model your episode of 16&pregnant and your seasons of teen mom influenced me so much I named my daughter Farrah you are just so mature and established for being such a young mother when I was down about being a young mother I thought about your story and everything you went through and it helped me to get through the hard times thank you for sharing your story again you are so influential and I will be reading passy perfume to my daughter!


You have always been my favorite and I can relate to you in so many ways. I wish you nothing but the best and please don't seperate yourself from the media, seeing little Sophia grow up and you move on from such tragic events gives me hope for my own depression I sometimes fall into. You have the most beautiful daughter ever and you are such a role model. Keep believing in yourself, we all believe you can do great things. Love your new children's book Passy Perfume! Thank you so much:)


Too cute! Great book with a great message.


Passy Perfume is a book about a young girl's struggle to give up her pacifier. While it is aimed at children, parents can learn a thing or two from it as well! I read the book to my three-year-old son and, while he is attached to his blanket and not a pacifier, it helped me to see that his attachment is more than materialistic. Thanks to Farrah's book, I can now help him make the transition from his blanket to a big boy keepsake!


You are an inspiration to young mothers, so proud of you and my daughter has almost finished the book made her put it down to sleep, your little girl is a credit to you
Hats off to Farrah!!  Xx


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